chimney cleaners in Shreveport

Chimney Cleaning
Two of the biggest fire hazards in your home are chimney fires and dryer vent related fires. Maintaining a clean chimney and dryer vent is one of the best ways of preventing such an unwelcome event. Let Red River Chimney Service solve all your chimney needs for a cleaner and safer home.

Bird and Animal Removal
A chimney fire can be caused by an old bird’s nests that is lodged in the chimney. When hot embers ignites the nest, the fire can be just as serious as one caused by ignition of soot or creosote. We removed bird nests as well as other animal problems include raccoons, owls, and squirrels. A chimney cap is the best solution for preventing animals from entering your chimney and residence. After removing the animal and debris, we thoroughly clean your chimney to remove any hazards when using your fireplace. If your chimney does not have a Chimney Cap, we can install one for you!

Dryer Vent Cleaning
What may very well be the biggest fire hazard in your home is a clogged or restricted dryer vent. As a dryer vent gets clogged, the heating elements burn hotter and brighter with less air flow to cool them. Signs of lint buildup include: clothes taking longer to dry, clothes not drying completely, clothes seeming hotter than usual after the drying cycle, or excessive humidity build up in the laundry room.

We use specialized vacuums and brushes to make sure any lint and loose debris is contained and removed from your home. Our trained team can help you keep your dryer vents clean and clear and your clothes dryer operating safer and more efficiently.

Chimney Caps
We install and replace chimney caps needed to keep birds and other wildlife from lodging in your chimney, reducing airflow, and increasing the chances of a chimney fire. They keep out the deteriorating rain water that erodes the chimney structure and components. We can fabricate a chimney cap for any chimney top. Many options and styles of chimney caps are available.

Chimney Waterproofing
Is your chimney leaking? This can lead to damage to support structures as well as increase the chances for mold and mildew formation. Let us waterproof your chimney for a healthier and safer home. According to the Brick Industry Association, chimneys require special attention and maintenance to prevent costly damage caused by water penetration. Because chimneys rise above the roof line, they are vulnerable to the weather. Many chimneys we encounter have signs of water damage. The first step is to determine the cause and then develop the best corrective measures.

Chimney Repair and Masonry Work
At Red River Chimney Service, we repair most types of chimneys including brick chimneys. Repairing masonry chimney cracks is called tuck-pointing. This is done by drilling out any cracks and filling them in with as close as possible matching mortar. Many times you cannot even tell a chimney repair has even been made on your chimney. Often times tuck-pointing the entire chimney is necessary to stop a chimney chase from leaking.

Gas Logs
We service gas log fireplaces in addition to tradition wood burning fireplaces. Vented Gas Logs are often preferred by homeowners for their convenience, especially by older homeowners who have difficulty handling heavy logs. Although vented gas logs do burn cleaner than wood, they are still susceptible to leaks, blockages, and other potential hazards that can be reduced with regular maintenance.

In case of chimney fire, your local fire department should be called immediately! Call 911 before doing anything else.